re: Bush Commutes Bureaucrats’ Sentences

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Golly, I’m so relieved that the cowards, Compean and Ramos, whose supporters think it’s heroic to shoot unarmed civilians in the back, have had their sentences commuted.

The real crime here has always been that people like Compean and Ramos are paid by the taxpayers to hunt down people who do nothing more awful that sell plant matter that is unapproved by the government. But never fear, plenty of lives are still being ruined even without Compean and Ramos around:

Two weeks ago, I ran into a young woman whom I had known in high school. She informed me that she’s engaged to be married, but it’s all on hold because her fiance was sent to prison for 9 years for drug posession. That’s right. 9 years. For what? Owning plants that the government thinks he shouldn’t own. He got nine years because the government decided to “make an example of him.” How great to live in the land of the free!

A young man and a young woman have their lives ruined so that we can all be safe from people smoking joints in their basements. This young woman was not “trashy” or troublesome, or the kind of person that wakes up the neighbors with drunken binges. No, she and her fiance are just people who minded their own business. But in America today, minding your own business is very often a crime. So now, someone gets to serve 9 years in a government cage for his transgressions.

I’m reminded of my friend the late Fr. Joe Ganssle, who was a Franciscan priest and founded the Religious Coalition for a Moral Drug policy. The reason he did this was because the current drug policy is nothing other than immoral. It ruins lives, destroys liberties, separates the betrothed and married, orphans children, and does all this for nothing in return. It is a barbaric policy.

11:58 pm on January 20, 2009