Re: Bin Laden Film

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Lew: I don’t recall — in any of the Godfather films — the Corleones (or any of the other families) going public with their crimes, either. I thought doing in bin Laden was the purpose of these wars. IF that end was accomplished, why wouldn’t the government want all of us to know of its successes (as few and far between as any of its other efforts have paid off!)? When NASA put men on the moon, the entire event was shown “live and in full color” to the entire world. If nuclear weapons had been found in Iraq, don’t you suspect the government would still be showing the evidence? Wouldn’t Time magazine have shown a photo of same on one of its covers? Gosh, you don’t suppose there is anything that would prove unsettling to the established order in showing bin Laden being done in do you? Nawww, FoxNews would surely show it as part of their “No Spin Zone.”

9:34 am on April 27, 2012