Re: Avatar, Thunderheart, Peltier

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Watching the new longer, Avatar trailer I was reminded of the great movie Thunderheart which also featured a government-oppressor-gets-a-soul-and-goes-native storyline. In it, the Val Kilmer character realizes that the feds are harassing the Lakota for the primary purpose of stealing resources from them (for the 10,000th time). He then decides to join the Lakota in a standoff against the corrupt feds.

The movie is partially based on the 1973 Wounded Knee standoff and also on the case of Leonard Peltier, the AIM member who was convicted (probably unjustly) of killing FBI agents in 1975. Neither the standoff nor the killings would have occurred, however, had the FBI and US Marshals not been meddling in the tribe’s internal affair.  Come to think of it, federal agents shouldn’t be meddling in the lives of non-Indians either.

(I remember when, in the 1990s, it was said that Clinton was considering granting clemency to Peltier, The John Birch Society launched a hysterical campaign against it, claiming more or less that the earth would fly off its axis if dissidents like Peltier were ever granted even an ounce of mercy. Indeed they put the same gusto into that as they put into their campaign to free the corrupt lying bureaucrats Ramos and Compean.)

10:34 pm on December 14, 2009