re: Anarcho-Capitalist Video Game?

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Writes Matt Gilliland:

That game sounds too real to be fun. There is another game, however, that I and quite a few other anarcho-capitalists have found to be amazing. It’s called Civcraft, and it’s really a set of custom modifications (made by a group of mostly anarcho-capitalist programmers) for the popular game Minecraft.

In the single-player version, you’re basically Crusoe, but on Civcraft’s multiplayer server, thousands of players build societies (and watch them fall). Most of the administrative team is anarcho-capitalist, and for most of the game the most dominant faction has been made up of libertarians (who, predictably, excel in entrepreneurial endeavors). The game has been advertised primarily to online political communities, and so has contingents representing nearly every conceivable political position, from authoritarian conservatives to anarcho-syndicalists. We’ve also had somewhere around a dozen converts to anarcho-capitalism, and have pushed many of the leftists demonstrably toward libertarianism.

Unfortunately, play does require the Minecraft game, but once you have that it’s easy to get started. We’ve got a vibrant community set up at

P.S. – We’ve had at least 7 Mises University grads come through the player base (including me). There’s something thrilling about seeing economies develop in a microcosm in just the way Austrians theorize.

12:45 pm on March 5, 2013