Re: A Strong Government Can Make Us All Equal

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Christopher, in answer to your post, Hebert ignores the real elite in this country, those who are connected with the State and who live like royalty in Washington. Furthermore, Herbert is saying that these elites, who send their children to pricey private schools in Washington, ignoring the hellish public schools that they have created, and who travel in limos and don’t have to go through “pat down” lines at airports, should be making the rules by which the rest of us should live.

Having gone to high school with two prominent people associated with the NYT, I can tell you that there is no class of people anywhere that more holds regular people in utter scorn than people tied to the “Newspaper of Record.” Furthermore, it never occurs to Herbert that the people he is condemning are allied closely to those Washington elites that Herbert believes should be running our lives.

Most successful entrepreneurs are people who don’t have elite backgrounds, but who have an idea, are willing to bear uncertainty, and who can put their ideas into economic action. However, those are the people Herbert hates the most, and he believes that government should never let their ideas and plans see the light of day. At the same time, he decries the lousy economy that he and his elite friends have helped to create.

8:59 am on November 27, 2010