re: 2013 Man of the Year

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Last night on one of the New Year’s Eve television extravaganzas a media bimbo asked people in the crowd who they would like to wish a Happy New Year to and one guy from New Jersey said this:  “My wife . . . . and all the guys in the military.”  He of course had to mention his wife, who was probably watching from home, but his parents, his children, his siblings, best friends, employers, and co-workers deserved no mention.  Just the complete strangers “in the military.”  And he was wearing “civilian camouflage”.  How easy it has been for the fascist propaganda machine known as “the media” to brainwash and bamboozle Doofus Americanus.

UPDATE:  Tom W. writes to say that during one of the New Year’s Eve television shows Jenny McCarthy asked spectators if they had a New Year’s Eve wish.  A female member of the military said she wished all the American soldiers would come home “from everywhere.”  She must be one of those who donated to the Ron Paul presidential campaigns, making him the most popular candidate, by far, in both parties, among active-duty military people.

11:08 am on January 1, 2014