Raw Milk – I’ll Drink to That

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Here is a nice piece in the Eugene Daily News, “The Raw Truth About Raw Milk.” The author talks to a local raw milk producer who points out why raw milk from grass-fed cows is so glorious and safe as compared to the milk from the industrial system.

“Everything starts with the health of the cow. Cows are naturally made so their stomachs are an alkaline base. If they are eating the foods they were designed to eat, then they retain an alkaline base. Most pathogens and negative bacteria as well as various parasites only thrive in the gut of an acidic animal.”

This is where the debate arises in the eyes of Bray:

“You have to actually change the cows’ rumen from alkaline to acidic: a process mainly done by feeding [the cows] a lot of corn and grains.

I finished off the last of my most recently (and illegally) obtained raw milk yesterday with a White Russian in a very fitting glass (you can order them here).

7:26 pm on August 29, 2012