Rangel’s Wrangle

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Lew, in saying that “if there is any criticism of President Bush, it should be restricted to Americans,” Rangel has made one of his periodic charitable contributions to the GNP in moronic statements. Standing alone, his comments are incompatible with the idea of free expression. But beyond that, his words suffer from two other defects: (1) how is it inappropriate for foreigners to criticize an American president when that president has essentially declared war against most of the world, and intends to rule it with military violence? Are the targets of his ambitions not entitled to complain? How is criticism of one who wants to rule the world incompatible with the worldwide “democracy” that Bush says he is promoting? (2) If only Americans are entitled to criticize Bush, when will they begin doing so? When will Mr. Rangel get off his obsequious knees and begin showing Mr. Chavez how it is done? When Rangel openly proposes the impeachment of Bush, his childish critique of Chavez will not sound quite so hollow.

10:33 am on September 22, 2006