Randians on the War Between the States

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In an email exchange I remarked to Roderick Long, “Come to think of it, the Objectivists seem to be strangely silent on the question of the Civil War.”

Long replied, “Actually not so silent — the Ayn Rand Institute has come out for the South (they endorsed Tom’s book [on Lincoln]!), and the Objectivist Center has come out for the North. (This is somewhat puzzling, since the Ayn Rand Institute is far more imperialist/warmongering than the Obj. C. on most issues.)”

As for TOC, see this soft-on-Lincoln piece by David Mayer. I couldn’t find the endorsement of DiLorenzo on ARI’s site, but did find this comment, in opposing reparations: “‘Slavery was evil, but America atoned for it during the Civil War—a war that produced more than 600,000 casualties and ended slavery 137 years ago,’ said Robert W. Tracinski, also a columnist for Creators Syndicate.”

Tom DiLorenzo commented to me, “They [ARI] reviewed my book favorably, but with a few smartass comments about slavery.”

2:22 pm on December 12, 2003