Quote of the Day

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Minnesota Chris unearthed this gem: “The economics of the security world are all horribly horribly nasty, and are largely based on fear, intimidation and blackmail. It’s why I compared them to the TSA — even when you know there are morons that didn’t finish high school and are stealing camera equipment and harassing people with ridiculous rules, you can’t actually speak up against them because there’s no recourse.” These laudatory sentiments come from Linus Torvalds, who “created Linux, which now runs vast swathes of the internet …

Meanwhile, any of you so cursed as to fly over Thanksgiving should remember that it’s “National Opt Out and Film Week.” As  you negotiate the airport’s checkpoint, document the TSA’s horrific crimes with your cell phones; perhaps your footage will one day figure in the trials at Nuremberg II.

7:16 am on November 20, 2012