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Ok, this is just too good — it deserves its own post rather than adding it as an “update” to my previous blog.

The TSA’s spokesliars are out there in force, trying to convince us that it is John Gross, not the agency, who’s lying about spilling his grandfather’s ashes. The TSA contends that it is “investigating” this “report” but its efforts are “hampered because that particular checkpoint did not have a video camera.” Oh, how convenient.

But here’s the quote that has me going — and it will you, too, so don’t say I didn’t warn you: “’[Opening a funerary urn] is completely opposite of our policies and the way we train our employees to deal with these types of situations,’ [the TSA’s spokesliar] said, noting that workers [sic for ‘goons’] are expected to treat the remains and individuals with “utmost respect and tender love and care as they go through that check-in process.”

I added the italics and bold, though I can’t explain why: the words are palpably outrageous without such emphasis. Meanwhile, the shrieks, tears, and screams of the TSA’s millions of victims refute far more eloquently than I ever could this brazen, contemptuous, and incredibly insulting lie.

9:03 am on June 27, 2012