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Clear was an ostensibly private company that unsuccessfully tried to “clear” passengers to fly through “background information,” i.e., submit enough personal data to prove you weren’t a terrorist, and Clear would issue a pass that was supposed to ease you through the TSA’s porn show at airports. Clear has had several iterations; its basic idea is precisely what the TSA is now hyping as “PreCheck” after it drove Clear into bankruptcy in 2009. (Don’t waste any grief on this nefarious company and its concept: both are as fascist as Mussolini.)

Clear is back, under new management, with hopes that its formerly unreliable “partner,” the TSA, will this time live up to their agreement. Yep, I wanna sell these bozos a bridge to Brooklyn too. Clear’s deal with the devil has its CEO, Caryn Seidman-Becker, gushing to the New York Times, “Obviously, we are working closely with them [the TSA].”

Consider the moral bankruptcy of a woman who relishes “working closely” with pedophiles, thieves, liars, and rapists. Nor had she finished praising these horrific criminals: “We love that they’re trying new things.” Oh, they’re new all right, Caryn. No regime anywhere in the world at any time, no matter how brutal or totalitarian, has ever sexually assaulted its own citizens and little kids merely because they wish to travel. “We’re a company based on innovation,” Craven-sorry, Caryn continued, “so we feel very aligned.”

I devoutly hope Clear once again goes bankrupt. Has any company other than Siemens, Farber, GE, Boeing, American Science & Engineering (manufacturers of the porno-scanners), and other collaborators with Germany’s Nazis or the US’s ever more richly deserved such a fate? I know: they deserve far worse, but heck, it’s an imperfect world…

8:40 am on March 13, 2012