Quick, Revoke Their License to Practice Politics

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Oh, good grief: “President Barack Obama will return 5 percent of his salary to the Treasury in a show of solidarity with federal workers [sic for ‘worthless bureaucrats who wouldn’t know “work” if it smacked ‘em upside the head’] smarting from government-wide spending cuts [sic for ‘less spending in the future than their departments demanded’].”

Why are we paying this cretin at all, let alone $400,000 per annum? Isn’t it rather like paying the murderer who kills your beloved child? Or the thief who has already stolen 65% of your wealth? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, that politicians and their cronies pay us for all the damage they’ve done?

But OK, if we’re silly enough to finance predators, I say pay ‘em minimum wage. And license ‘em: no practicing the lethal profession of politics without a bureaucrat’s permission. Let these ticks, leeches, thugs, liars, frauds and thieves suffer what they’ve forced the “workingman” to suffer all these decades.

Update: Josh Crosby writes, “He is giving back 5%?  That is a show of solidarity?  A whopping 20k?  Kind of a pittance compared to how much extra he forced other folks in that bracket to divulge to the Treasury just a few months ago. Maybe he will follow up this act with another stupendous feat of generosity and go hand out quarters at the homeless shelter.”

9:10 am on April 5, 2013