Quick! Before The Truth Changes Again …

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After years of cheering on the wars, Max Boot, Petraeus’s adviser, finally admits publicly that we are in Iraq “to project power and influence in the region.” [that’s his opener: his “justification” continues beyond the WSJ’s paywall].

Isn’t the dialectic wonderful? Hey Max, thanks for the memories! WMD, Saddam is a “madman,” Fallujah, Colin Powell disgraced, George W. hoodwinked (or worse), Cheney’s endless war, Iraqi “democracy,” Richer Perle ever richer, Christians massacred, trillions wasted, hundreds of thousands killed, Peacock Bremer defeathered, economic collapse, Obama, the U.N. as America’s moral agent, Congress hiding in shame, banksters brazenly squander, profiteers prosper, careers of the craven soar, and timeless truths change daily.

In the name of “national interest,” this bipartisan pack of criminals is bent on destruction of everything this nation holds dear. When the worldwide wreckage they have spawned washes up on the shore like detritus after a tsunami, they scamper to give the kaleidoscope one more twist – yesterday’s lie is today’s truth, and tomorrow they will concoct another tale.

They are not, repeat, not interested in America or “America’s power and influence.” They are interested only in themselves and their own power and influence.

Thomas Jefferson was more honest: “Indeed I tremble for my country when reflect that God is just.” Every age has its Ozymandias knockoffs. But eventually even this gaggle of powerlusters will collide with the timeless truth who is Truth Himself, and tremble.

4:21 am on April 18, 2011