Question about “V for Vendetta”

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I have not seen “V” and don’t have plans to go (we don’t go to movies unless we can take our young children, which eliminates most fare these days), so cannot comment directly on it. However, in a review in Reason, I saw that the new oppressive regime was being run by Radical Right Christians.

I’ll admit that whenever I see one of these “Handmaiden’s Tale” themes, I am turned off. From what I remember, the most murderous regimes of the 20th Century were officially atheistic, but the film industry constantly bombards us with movies in which Christians are horrible people and communists generally are the good guys.

Anyway, not having seen it, I cannot comment on the plot, but somehow I doubt that the Repressive Regime of the Future will be one in which socialists, homosexuals, and non-Christians are the ones hauled off to concentration camps. (Does that mean the Repressive Regime of the Future is one of free enterprise?) However, we presently have a number of regimes in the world that are socialist in nature, are very protective of homosexuality, and clearly are not sympathetic to Christianity, Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox.

So, my question then is this: Was the description in the Reason review wrong?

11:23 am on March 21, 2006