Quantum of Solace

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That’s the title of the new James Bond movie.

I have to give the producers credit for taking a chance with that — normally, Bond movies’ titles consist of words the masses can easily understand, such as “kill,” “casino,” and “octopussy.”

The title is taken from an Ian Fleming short story in which Bond attends a dinner party and not much of anything happens, making this the rare case in which departing entirely from the book is a wise decision. It’s nice to see them return to Fleming for inspiration, but they’re running out of titles — the two I can think of that are still unused (“James Bond in New York,” from the otherwise-nonfiction Thrilling Cities and “Property of a Lady”) probably should remain so.

Now, to give this post a bit more LRC-relevance, here’s Murray Rothbard on Bond. I’ll leave it to others to explain why quantifying solace is un-Austrian.

10:25 pm on January 24, 2008