Quack, Quack

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Law professor Jonathan Turley has a post on a colonoscopy patient under anesthesia, whose cell phone was left on and recorded the doctors making nasty remarks about the patient, his body and his character. The patient is suing the doctors. Now, I am not sure about the legal aspects of alleged defamation and infliction of emotional distress, but I hope that the doctors’ practices are severely negatively affected by this whole thing, as it serves them right. Regarding the emotional distress, some commenters made the point that even while unconscious, you can still hear (and the brain can process) what is being said, and I agree with that. But who the hell needs doctors like these schmucks who actually say out loud the trashy things they might be thinking about someone? It wouldn’t surprise me if these are ObamaCare-supporting doctors, by the way. (Ever get the feeling that I’m not too keen on doctors these days?)

12:44 pm on April 25, 2014