QE Shuts Down Famous Deli

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I always loved the Stage Delicatessen in NYC, which has now been put out of business by the Fed. The first time I asked Murray Rothbard to lunch, it was to the Stage. It was not until I knew him better that I learned that Murray did not like kosher food, having had more than enough of it, in his view, as a child. But he was far too well-mannered to tell me that when I asked to the Stage. BTW, Murray’s favorite restaurant was the magnificent Café des Artistes, now gone as well.

UPDATE from Scott Weisman:

At best, Stage Deli could be called “kosher style,” which is to mean not kosher at all. They just happened to have a menu that is reminiscent of genuinely kosher delis.

8:32 pm on December 1, 2012