Puzzled on Purim

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Today is Purim – a holiday that speaks to all of us this year, not just those who are Jewish, given Progressive Amerika’s nuclear war on the Second Amendment.

You might think after Haman and Hitler that the right to self-defense would rank high among modern Jews. But accepted wisdom says that at least in the US, most Jews despise guns that aren’t in government’s hands. I tried to find polls to substantiate this cliche and failed. So did David Bendory of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, which prompted him to skin the cat a different way: “While exact statistics are hard to come by, we can logically extrapolate from the 78% of Jews who voted for Obama in 2008 to conclude that the overwhelming majority of American Jews support the Democrat agenda, including citizen disarmament, the so-called ‘gun control’ schemes.”

Additional evidence: more Jews live in New York City (1.9 million) than anywhere but Israel (4.9 million). And New York City is rabidly anti-guns-for-serfs. Apparently, Gotham’s killers kindly wait until victims have dialed 911 and help arrives 20 minutes later to commence their mayhem.

But that’s no surprise: a population unable to resist evil, whether from free-lance thugs or official ones, is exactly what politicians and bureaucrats crave. What mystifies, and vastly, is that folks who have survived at least two genocidal plots continue to so overwhelmingly – and suicidally – scorn the guns that could save them.

9:57 am on March 15, 2014