Putting Corporations in Perspective

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As libertarians tend to be aware, big business is not the most persecuted minority, and big corporations are more than often the instigators and beneficiaries of government planning and growth. There might even be ways the government handles limited liability and personhood that raise problems in themselves. There is no necessary love of corporations in libertarianism.

But leftist critiques of corporations are often hollow, misdirected and perverse. The reason corporations have the power they do is the government, yet the left wants government further involved in corporate life.

Leftists often complain, “There are corporations out there bigger than some states!” Well, good. At least corporations have the possibility of getting most revenue through peaceful means, whereas states are necessarily monopolies on plunder and brutality. To the extent the state is shrunk, corporations lose their worst attributes. They may not become perfect, but would be completely tolerable.

I gleefully imagine a day all corporations in the world are bigger than any states. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

11:36 am on April 8, 2009