Public School Surveillance of Inmates

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Schools are tracking children under the guise of preventing obesity, encouraging academic achievement, and promoting fitness.Another creepy, Orwellian scheme:

In early 2012, wristwatch-like devices called Polar active monitors will be used by older students in PE classes at all 18 Parkway elementary schools. District officials say the devices should help improve the students’ fitness and academic achievement.

Later this school year, the district plans to collect data about activity levels and even sleep patterns for a week at a time. It will have the students wear the devices round the clock.

…The monitors measure activity by tracking every movement of the person wearing them. They display steps taken, calories spent and time spent at various levels of activity. An animated figure on the monitor indicates the activity level. A bar shows the target time for doing moderate to vigorous activity and the amount of time achieved at that level.

The federal schools are taking Americas’ children prisoner one step at a time under myriad federal “guidelines” designed to shape and mold them into propagandized, mindless, collectivist soldiers who will worship the conventional wisdom that will dictate every aspect of their lives. Nowadays, almost any act of tyranny in the schools can be justified by “concerns” about obesity and health (or now, bullying). In the modern American totalitarian tradition, serfdom is sold as the ideal freedom in order to “protect” the sheeple and keep them all safe and healthy.

6:07 am on January 15, 2012