Public Enemy #1

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No, not the TSA. Rather, the whiney, gutless, craven, disgusting cowards who not only enable Our Rulers but worship them.

I am indebted for the latest example of such to the indefatigable Travis Holte. In addition to his other talents, he now seems to be practicing medicine without the State’s permission: He apparently decided I need an emetic after surviving Superstorm Sandy and has worked tirelessly to supply one. As you’ll recall, Dr. Holte first forwarded me an article about a pedophile at the TSA. Then he sent another verse of the same song: a story about a molester at the DHS. In case I wasn’t already puking enough, he took out the big guns: a video of “Upchuck” Schumer, smug and smarmy Demopublican senator from the People’s Republic of New York.

The copy beneath the video on Dr. Holte’s link read: “Staten Island has been the scene of some of the most heartbreaking storm-related devastation … As such, federal and local officials heard an earful from residents Thursday. ‘Please don’t leave us,’ a weeping Donna Solli pleaded to Sen. Chuck Schumer in front of her damaged … home. ‘I live alone down here.’ Schumer hugged Solli [oh, gross!], a Transportation Department worker, and tried to comfort her. ‘I know what you’re going through, sweetheart,’ he said.”

I know: gag. I was sick enough just reading and told the good doctor so. Alas, he insisted on the full course of treatment, so I watched the clip. And wow. Turns out Upchuck is not the star of it: the groveling Donna Solli kissing his feet is. And that’s saying considerable, that anyone could upstage Upchuck for sheer revulsion.

As this “Transportation Department worker [sic for ‘leech’]” throws her hysterics — so over-the-top that I wondered if she were spoofing—, she illustrates everything wrong with Amerika: the lack of even basic self-respect and self-reliance; the magical thinking when it comes to Big Daddy Government, that somehow the mere presence of politicians cures all ills and miraculously feeds the multitudes; the sycophancy, servility, and dependence. What an utter disgrace this sponge is to America, womanhood, New Yorkers, humanity.

No wonder Leviathan employs her.

8:27 am on November 3, 2012