Pssst, Angela: I’ve Got A Bridge to Sell You

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The U.S. has verbally committed to enter into a no-spying agreement with Germany in the wake of disclosures about the U.S. National Security Agency’s secret surveillance programs. … The no-spying agreement talks were announced as part of a progress report on an eight-point program proposed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in July with measures to better protect the privacy of German citizens.” “Better protect.” Always the mark of a ham-fisted propagandist.

It gets worse: “the German government found that U.S. intelligence services comply with German law. Also, the operators of large German Internet exchanges and the federal government did not find any evidence that the U.S. spies on Germans, the government said.” Guess I oughta market Brooklyn’s bridge to German taxpayers instead, since Angie considers them stupid enough to swallow her inane whoppers.

Then, to pound her insults a bit deeper, she adds, “…people should not forget that intelligence agencies do important work to protect people in Germany as well as abroad. German information, for instance, can prevent attacks on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, while American data in turn can be used to protect the lives of German soldiers, she said.”

I suppose simply recalling your hired killers so that they’re no longer dodging rocks from villagers outraged at imperial invasions is just too easy, huh, Angie? (Thanks to Mark Luedtke for the link.)

10:42 am on August 16, 2013