Proving Yet Again Congresscritters’ Utter Imbecility

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Rep[tilian] Mike Rodgers (R-Ala) wants the TSA to harass travelers on busses, subways, and highways even more than it already does, The Hill reports. “’Less than two percent of TSA’s nearly $8 billion budget goes toward surface [i.e., forms of transportation other than aviation],’ Rodgers said during the meeting [of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Transportation Security].”

Mike’s proposal was so moronic that even The Hill chuckled. This publication brags that it “delivers solid, non-partisan and objective reporting on the business of Washington, covering the inner-workings of Congress, as well as the nexus between politics and business,” yet its story began, “The Transportation Security Administration should do more to protect surface forms of transportation, the chairman of a key House committee said Thursday. Lawmakers normally criticize the TSA for its airport security techniques…”

Ummm, Mike? When the cook concocts a noxious stew of offal and dung, you don’t beg for a bigger helping. You flush the whole thing down the toilet, where it belongs, and can the cook. (Yeah, I know: all those sesquipedalians, kinda makes it hard to understand me, doesn’t it, Mike? Find someone to translate it into Jargon for you.)

But at least Mike showed a glimmer of intelligence when he announced, “…terrorists see surface transportation as a very attractive target.” Yep, they do. Just ask any of the victims those terrorists groped after they disembarked from Amtrak.

8:00 am on June 1, 2012