Protectionism and Socialism as an Anti-Illegal Alien Argument

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There are some invasive effects of mass immigration, but the protectionist right gets it totally wrong by demonizing employers of illegals. It’s true that their black-market status costs some illegals legitimate recourse to fraud, and it’s true that some people brought here illegally are brought and worked against their will. This will exist so long as the state creates a black market in migration and labor.

But Glenn Beck’s big beef is that corporations hire illegals to avoid regulatory burdens, workers’ comp, discrimination laws and the rest. He seems to think this this alone makes the work “slavery.” Any employer who circumvents the regulatory state should be jailed. Very socialistic.

Of course, this just illustrates that, in many cases, illegal immigrants aren’t involved in as much net tax consumption as legal immigrants and natives. They often don’t even benefit from the legal system, just as often the cops don’t want to deal with them when they do commit crimes. But many domestic giveaways are probably more of a redistribution from illegals to legals and native entitlement recipients than the other way around. Of course, this doesn’t bug the conservatives much, who speak on behalf of native voters and legal immigrants, even the ones made legal by Reagan’s amnesty. However the calculus works out, the problem is the state, as always.

7:22 pm on June 25, 2008