Protecting Our Keyboards From The TSA

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Lew, I’ve had bad reviews in my music days, and seen even worse. I’ve always considered the best (because it was the worst) to be the one regarding an opera that Sir Thomas Beecham was directing. One scene required a real beast of burden on the stage, and, quite naturally (in the original sense), the beast relieved itself there. Beecham, so the story goes, didn’t miss a beat” “Egad! A critic!”

What I found most interesting in the Zimerman saga is the seamless top-to-bottom idiocy of U.S. government policy that it represents. It was the most senior Bush Administration officials who concocted the specific policies he referred to, and the lowest rung of mindless TSA thugs who decided that destroyed his Steinway because it “smelled funny.” No recourse — of course!

The TSA goon destroys everything she finds funny (no matter what her country of origin). We must be safe, after all, from everyone who might harbor a terrorist keyboard in his luggage.

11:19 am on April 28, 2009