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“…TSA employees told In These Times [a commie pub that bills itself as “committed to political and economic democracy and opposed to the dominance of transnational corporations and the tyranny of marketplace values over human values.” Love it!] that on a daily basis, workers are shouted at and have obscenities hurled at them by airline passengers upset for following TSA search procedures. Several workers [sic] complained that on several occasions airline passengers had physically assaulted TSA workers [sic], but the passengers were allowed to board flights because TSA screeners are unable to arrest passengers who assault them.”

We’ll overlook the astounding implication that the TSA’s illiterate goons should be empowered to arrest us and simply rejoice that we’re making their lives as miserable as they’re making ours.

If you masochistically head over to In These Times for the main article, beware of the readers’ comments. They came dang close to splitting my face, given that I was already grinning ear-to-ear at the plight of the TSA’s gate-rapists and pedophiles.

11:09 am on January 5, 2012