Private criminal turned public criminal working to regulate guns even more

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Writes Dick Clark:

“While most federal legislators are busy figuring out ways to destroy wealth, Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) has been working to federally impose mandatory state licensing for gun owners (including fingerprinting, photo ID cards, and a written examination). Of course, what draconian gun law would be complete without requiring registration of all guns, whether transferred between private individuals or between FFL and buyer? The bill has been in committee since early January, so hopefully it will die in committee, but it is certainly something to keep a watchful eye on. See here for details.”

How interesting that he wants to make guns harder to get, given that, according to Bobby Rush’s Wikipedia entry, he served six months in prison for felony possession of firearms.

There is also a Wikipedia article about the bill.

Buy your guns while you can more or less get them easily (legally at least).

9:16 am on February 25, 2009