Prison Industrial Complex

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Folks are Tweeting this, as if it is all a bad thing. The building of another massive lock-up facility in Pennsylvania is ludicrous, and indeed, prison expansion is a perverted trend in “the world’s greatest prison state,” as quoted from Paul Craig Roberts. The same thing is occurring in Detroit, though this government detention facility may be torn down well before it approaches completion. A bizarre celebration of incarceration occurs in this video, Opportunity Detroit, with a voice over from Kid Rock. Wonderful spot, except at the 9-second mark, the question is asked: “What does opportunity look like?” The image that immediately appears is the new prison being built and cages going up. I always wondered if I am the only person who saw the paradox in this spot? It’s a spot about Detroit growth, opportunity, technology, creativity, and grit. The ad presents Detroit’s art, industry, entrepreneurial spirit, and its incarceration nation as “opportunities.”

However, the upside in Pennsylvania is that 23 other prisons are closing down. And this is never a bad thing.

4:07 pm on June 6, 2013