‘Print Money. Mail Everybody a Check’

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Keynesian Matt Yglesias has the typical prescription for prosperity. But this time, I’m tempted to sort of agree with it. Let’s abolish all taxes, and just print the money to run the government. Inflation is awful, as Murray Rothbard pointed out, but armed tax collectors violate our civil liberties and peace of mind, too. And while inflation may make a steak cost $75, at least you get the steak. With taxes, you get nothing. Murray also thought that business could better deal with paper money printing than tax SWAT teams. Oh, and while we’re at it, let’s end federal gun violence by disarming all the troops, foreign and domestic, and opening the gates to their prisons. Free the people! Stop the death machine! (Thanks to Dale Fitzgerald)

4:10 pm on April 2, 2013