Price Gouging on Guns?

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Writes Devin Brian:

Every time there is a natural disaster of some sort, gas station owners are considered monstrous for raising prices to coincide with increased demand of their scarce resources. However, I have not heard anyone calling for the immediate lynching of those greedy gun shop owners who have doubled or even tripled prices on their wares in light of current political circumstances. If it were any other product, the response would be “How dastardly! How horrid! Economic justice demands price controls immediately!” Seriously though, I and other pro-gun folks are thankful that the relatively free market is still at work in this area of the economy. If certain guns were held at the prices they were a few months ago, there would not be any to be had. As it is, you can still get mostly anything you want if you’ll pay the market price.

10:02 am on January 24, 2013