Press TV Out of Iran

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In the interest of free speech, here’s a link to a news service out of Iran. I don’t vouch for accuracy of it or any news agency. I know that before I mention something publicly, I usually seek out two independent reports. But sometimes a rumor or unconfirmed report or interview from a single source is all we have to go on. Why mention this Press TV today when I’ve known about it for a long time? It’s because of an item relating to it and Facebook ads, but the only source of that item so far is Press TV.

It’s picked up here. The latter has some details, and that source is from Pakistan, so there is some independence.

Even if Press TV were propaganda or Tokyo Rose, I should have access to it. I cannot have free speech (and thus be able to process ideas or do analytical thinking) without hearing the uncensored speech of others. Speech is not a one-way street, and it’s not restricted to speech among Americans only. It’s part and parcel of the social communication that’s essential to any thinking. Why should other people or their government censor what I can hear or read? How can I possibly be free to think or understand anything if I only hear the government’s version of everything? The U.S. government seems to be busy creating censorship by passing laws that then pressure companies like Facebook as in this Hezbollah case. Censorship of speech even among Americans and worse are also in the U.S. government’s playbook. Brandon Raub did nothing more than speak and that brought on his unlawful arrest and detention.

10:55 am on September 19, 2012