President Pillary

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Dr. Steve Finger writes a column, “The Pointing Finger,” that frequently appears in such local newspapers as the Canarsie Courier around New York City. I especially appreciated his recent analysis of Hillary Clinton’s extensive globetrotting — all at our expense, of course– and his drawing from it an analogy to the utterly useless, wasteful State:

Vote for Hillary

       Last week, it was announced that Hillary Clinton is to receive the Liberty Medal in a ceremony at the Constitution Center in historic Philadelphia in recognition of a lifetime spent in public service.

       Mrs. Clinton is often praised for having been the most widely traveled Secretary of State in history having visited over 100 countries during her term in office. And yet, no one has been able to name a single region, a single country…a single city block…that has been in any way improved by all those travels.

       In other words, after the expenditure of millions (billions?) of dollars, numerous speeches, conferences, meetings, showing ‘awareness’, even doing the Macarena in South Africa, but finally accomplishing…nothing, Secretary Clinton has managed to become a metaphor for 21st century  governments everywhere.

        A president for our time? Got my vote.

6:21 am on July 9, 2013