PR Play of the Decade

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This story should go down in history as a premier example of implausible deniability. It should be a case study in PR textbooks for years to come.

The White House swears that the “Mission Accomplished” sign strategically placed behind Bush as he delivered his speech had nothing at all to do with the Iraw war, or anything else mentioned in Bush’s speech.

Bush’s spokeswoman actually said: “President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific, and said, ‘Mission Accomplished For These Sailors Who Are On This Ship On Their Mission,'”

Yes, even though Bush’s speech declared the war in Iraq over, that sign had nothing to do with the War. Heck, they didn’t even notice the sign was there until it was too late. The soldiers put it there without asking the White House. It’s all just a big mix-up.

Well, some people have fallen for that Nigerian bank account scam, so I guess some people might actually believe this explanation.

9:24 pm on May 1, 2008