Power to the Parasites

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I was listening to Bloomberg radio tonight, and one topic was food stamps – now supplied on a debit card so as to avoid a “stigma”. Everywhere I go, I see these tax-eating parasites buying blobs of food while wearing their perfectly-matched, velvet sweatsuits, the latest Nike shoe model, or sporting hairdos and tanning salon tan lines that my budget can’t accomodate. Always, the increasing dole is blamed on the poor economy and ensuing poverty. Yet the guest on Bloomberg noted that about 50% of the USDA’s budget goes toward these food subsides. He also noted – and correctly – that these food subsides have increased every year since 2001 – that is, during the bubble period and well before the economic meltdown.

Here’s some of the recent food stamp propaganda from the government, meant to help overcome the stigma of being a well-dressed and well-fed welfare parasite. A recent article on Bloomberg news noted that food-stamp spending has doubled in the last four years. As the Bloomberg guest noted, the government is aggressively pushing its food stamps on folks who don’t even “need” or want the assistance. Food stamps are the new normal.

8:33 pm on September 5, 2012