Pork Bellies + Butter + Avoiding Big Pharma = Long Life

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Juliana Koo had a birthday party to celebrate her 107th birthday, and she offers advice for living longer. Don’t exercise, eat pork bellies, eat as much butter as you want, and throw away your Pharma junk when your doctor gives you prescriptions. She also has some very gifted children.

The family has been giving parties for Mrs. Koo every year since 1995, when she turned 90.

..Mrs. Koo took her place in the center. Around her were the three people who organized the party: her daughters Genevieve Young, who is known as Gene and was vice president and editorial director of Bantam Books, and Shirley Young, a former vice president of General Motors and a founding member and governor of the Committee of 100, a Chinese-American leadership group; and Oscar L. Tang, a financier and philanthropist and the widower of Mrs. Koo’s third daughter.

Thanks to John Moody for the link.

7:33 pm on October 4, 2012