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Today’s LRC story on Mexican Coke and how so-called “trendy New Yorkers” are eschewing soft drinks made with high-fructose corn syrup for those containing cane sugar brings us to Pops. New Yorkers are belatedly catching up to something others from around the planet have known for years.  Pops is a world-class landmark restaurant/soda pop establishment nestled in the little town of Arcadia, Oklahoma on historic Route 66.  From the highway the iconic structure appears as if something out of The Jetsons. Pops has over six hundred varieties of pop from around the world, virtually all made with cane sugar. I took my grandson there last summer and he fell in love with “Dublin Dr. Pepper,” while I enjoyed a wide array of crème sodas, ginger ales, and other heavenly concoctions which I purchased and brought home to Tulsa. So you don’t have to go to Mexico or New York to sample carbonated nirvana. Just trek to the Sooner State for Pops.

8:35 am on July 20, 2013