Pope Got Mad About Iraq War, so Right Wing Explained How Jesus Loves War

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Zenit today reported on the two times John Paul II got “really angry.” According to an aide, one of them was “during the Angelus, before the Iraq War, when he said with force: no to war, war doesn’t resolve anything. I have seen war. I know what war is.”

“I know what war is.” Unlike Obama, Cheney, and Bush, who in their early twenties were busy getting drunk at ivy league cocktail parties and avoiding service in Vietnam, Karol Wojtyla was probably scooping the innards of his friends off the pavement following the latest bombing raid. John Paul II lived through one of human history’s worst wars and he knew what it’s all about. And he opposed the Iraq war. In response, American neocon Catholics George Weigel and Michael Novak and others took it upon themselves to instruct the Pope on how glorious war is. The great Magisterium of the Right Wing Catholic Columnists, based at First Things and National Review, thus taught all the world the great error of the Pope and the great wisdom of the US government and its wars.

Such is the nature of Conservatism. Your religious convictions only matter as long as they don’t get in the way of your latest war. At least the leftists don’t pretend to have religious convictions. They only pretend to oppose war.

12:33 am on May 3, 2011