Poor Fred

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Barnes, that is. The champion of “big government conservatism” now finds Obama’s Big Government distasteful.

His eyes blinded by the glow of eight years of “exclusive” Oval Office interviews, Barnes smugly ignored the admonition of conservatism’s real hero, Paul Weyrich: “Never give your friend any power which your enemy might someday inherit.” No, Fred cheered on the Bush-Cheney power machine.

But Fred is suddenly frantic now. He’s scratching his head. What happened? Why, Obama’s “Big Government” just came out of nowhere, right? Fred derides it as “Obamanomics.” But it’s just warmed-over Bushanomics, Fred.

To top it off, Frantic Fred cites another deluded “favorite conservative of the left,” David Brooks with a limp insight. With critics like these, Obama’s home free.

6:34 pm on March 26, 2009