Politically-Correct Math

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A friend sends a hilariously  incoherent video on the “History News Network” by one Manisha Sinha (a native of India), a professor of Afro-American Studies at U-Mass Amherst (long known as the epicenter of Marxists and Marxism in American academe) in which Professor Sinha purports to “correct the imbalance” on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” last week in which he attempted a hatchet job on Judge Napolitano.  It was five against one — Stewart, a black woman with an Abe Lincoln beard, and three history professors — against Judge Napolitano. Professor Sinha claims that the “imbalance” on the show favored the judge.  I guess this is an example of politically-correct math.

Professor Sinha goes on another adventure in politically-correct math at the end of her silly rant when she says that people like myself write these critical things about Lincoln only because we cannot tolerate the fact that a (half) black man is president of the United States.  Her theory, in other words, is that I published The Real Lincoln in March of 2002 out of resentment of the fact that a (half) black man who, at the time I had never heard of, would be elected president six years later.

A friend who brought this to my attention asks:  Where exactly is Afro-America, anyway?

3:12 pm on March 17, 2014