Police Ticket Tyranny and Government Extortion

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More tyranny from Michigan cops:

State lawmakers banned ticket quotas in 1979, but in 1988 an exception was written into the Motor Vehicle Code that allows the number of tickets written to be used in evaluations of traffic enforcement officers, as long as ticket writing is weighed equally among other job criteria.

“It’s a bit of a loophole,” said James Tagnanelli, president of the Police Officers Association of Michigan.

“Chiefs never like to use the ‘Q’ word, but they’re certainly telling officers they have to write ‘X’ amount of tickets.”

The Detroit News has put togther a nice piece on the ticket tyranny happening in metro Detroit. As Michigan state revenue sharing has dropped, and people all over this area lose their jobs – over 10% unemployment – the municipalities keep building huge, new police stations, courthouses, and jails. They keep spending money that they don’t have, and when they know they can no longer pillage the taxpayers to pay for it all, they go out and take the money. Showing up for a court appointment for a ticket in southeastern Michigan is an unbelievable experience. The courtroom is always packed – standing room only. The judge pushes each poor soul through in seconds – no points, don’t worry, just pay the extortion fee. A speeding ticket is now in the neighborhood of $200. As a depression slams its way through the area, the cops do nothing to prevent the scores of home robberies, car thefts, and assorted property crimes because they are too busy sitting in ‘hot spots’ that are good for catching the more dangerous types, like speeders and drivers who don’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign in an empty intersection.

This article is Part I of the two articles.

1:15 pm on November 18, 2008