Podhoretz in Imprimis Says Vote Republican

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Imprimis out of Hillsdale College used to be halfway decent until it started waving the flag, whereupon its conservative/Republican colors began to show. Of all the many myths in the article by Podhoretz that conveniently has arrived right before the election, the ones on foreign wars struck me. “…since 9/11 we have spilled yet more blood and treasure fighting against Islamofascism, the totalitarian successor to Nazism.” Whose blood has been spilled, Norman? In Iraq, 4,486 Americans and 100,000–500,000 Iraqis. Iraq has 1/10 the population of America. If America had suffered a proportionate number of casualties, it would be 1 million to 5 million.  Stop talking utter nonsense, Norman. The twin ideas of Islamofascism and Islamofascism being a successor to Nazism are simply absurd. By 1941, Hitler had 3 million men under arms, including 17 panzer divisions with 4,000 tanks. In World War II, 12.5 million Germans in total went into the military.

Then Podhoretz approvingly quotes Mona Charen on the “Muslim world.” What she says is totally absurd:

“…of the last six wars in which the United States was involved (Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya), four were undertaken to rescue Muslims and the other two (Afghanistan and Iraq) had the side benefit of liberating Muslims…”

Mona and Norman, how would you like it if an armed force like that of the U.S. invaded America and “had the side benefit of liberating” Americans in the same bloody and destructive ways that the Americans have “liberated” these countries?

3:27 pm on October 31, 2012