Planned Parenhood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY2013

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The grants amount to almost 50% of Planned Parenthood‘s revenue. Okay, lots of organizations get government grants that they shouldn’t get, why single out this one? Planned Parenthood says that it is “the most effective advocate in the country for policies that protect access to safe and legal abortion.” The organization acknowledges that it murdered, sorry, aborted, 327,166 babies in 2012. Yet, the “pro-life” Republicans have controlled the House since the election of 2010. This means that “pro-life” Republicans have blood on their hands, aside from the blood on their hands for their funding of senseless foreign wars that have killed thousands upon thousands of innocents and non-innocents (U.S. soldiers). Even worse, the Republicans have funded Planned Parenthood for years, even when they controlled the whole government, as I pointed out back in 2010. The Republican Party is pro-life? Don’t make me vomit.

8:31 am on January 16, 2014