PJB versus the JBS

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Over at the Birch blog, the heroic William Grigg takes Pat Buchanan to task for endorsing Bush’s warrantless searches (scroll down to Lawless patriotism isn’t patriotic, but be sure to check out the other posts on this wonderful blog.) Pat doesn’t bother worrying about the Constitution, the fact that Bush is doing it in the name of the war on terror and the people want it is good enough for him! You can take the speechwriter out of the Nixon White House but you can’t take the Nixon White House out of the speechwriter.

Still, I don’t regret the time I spent in the “Buchanan Brigades,” which reached it’s peak 10 years ago this month when Pat upset future Viagra pitchman Bob Dole in the New Hampshire primary. After all, any one who terrifies the New Republic, the Weekly Standard, the Nation, and the National Review can’t be all bad!

8:21 pm on January 24, 2006