Pistole: Next Come Subways and Trains

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On 7/17/10, Pistole (TSA’s chief) said this:

“Given the list of threats on subways and rails over the last six years going on seven years, we know that some terrorist groups see rail and subways as being more vulnerable because there’s not the type of screening that you find in aviation. From my perspective, that is an equally important threat area.”

Influential members of Congress support this vision. “Members of Congress, including House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., have pressed the TSA to put more money into mass-transit security. Thompson met with Pistole on Thursday and said the two agreed.”

Pistole wants a larger, more powerful, and more intrusive bureaucracy: “Pistole said he wants TSA workers, including 47,000 screeners at 450 airports, to operate as a ‘national-security, counterterrorism organization, fully integrated into U.S. government efforts. I want to take TSA to the next level,’ Pistole said.”

In this environment of deteriorating justice, the importance of trial by jury of one’s peers and jury nullification cannot be under-estimated.

6:15 pm on November 21, 2010