Peter Jackson & the first fully successful film trilogy

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Early reviews of the final installment of The Lord of the Rings claim that Peter Jackson has finally succeeded where others have come so tantalizingly close before him:

“In its entirety, The Lord of the Rings surpasses other multi-part sagas such as Star Wars or even The Godfather. Both Star Wars and The Godfather had weak links, whole movies that didn’t work as well as the best of the series. Rings maintains the same standard of excellence with each film and grows more assured with each installment. Of course, some of that escalating power is attributable to the storytelling prowess of J.R.R. Tolkien, upon whose classic novels the trilogy is based. ” – USA Today

Great news for Tolkien fans and cinema fans in general. Let us hope that others will learn from Jackson how to emulate this feat. My own guess is that a small part of Jackson’s success was that he filmed all three films together, thus maintaining a consistency of tone, cast and vision. Really, he made the film trilogy work by making one 9 hour film and issuing it in three parts. Also see this review by my trusted film reviewer James Berardinelli.

2:56 pm on December 16, 2003