PEST-Wielding Thugs Swarm Man Sitting on His Own Porch

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Does anybody else remember how the PEST (Portable Electro-Shock Torture device, nee Taser) was supposedly intended for use only against dangerous, violent suspects?

In recent years, deploying the PEST has become the option of first resort whenever armed tax-feeders confront passive resistance or non-cooperation of any kind.

Even those inured to the routine use of torture by police in the USSA, however, must find themselves taken aback by the incident captured in this video: An unarmed man sitting peaceably on his own porch is assaulted with a PEST as nine police arrive to take him into custody.

Tasered while sitting on his own porch

According to the only detailed account available of this episode, the victim of this assault had spent the morning bellowing “racially charged” remarks. When the police were summoned, he allegedly began goading them about shooting him. The officers reportedly perceived this to be a mental health issue, and thus decided to practice retrograde psychiatry without a license by giving him a gratuitous dose of electro-shock therapy.

1:59 pm on August 15, 2009