People Really, Really, REALLY Hate the TSA!

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The Broward-Palm Beach New Times tells the tale of a local and wealthy entrepreneur who became one of the many thousands to “lose” his property at the TSA’s checkpoint — in this case, a Montblanc pen costing $450.

A brown-sorry, blue-shirted thug  “found” it — or, as the New Times puts it, “casually grabbed a stray pen that was sitting by the sign-out sheet.” Actually, for perhaps the first time in the TSA’s history, an employee’s story sounds plausible. A picture of the model in question adds credibility: unless the thing boasts platinum bands, it’s tough to believe it’s so expensive. And how many of us would diligently try to find the owner of something as inconsequential as a pen? Fodder for an episode of Seinfeld

But given the value here, the TSA has not only fired the thug, he also faces charges of grand theft.

A mildly interesting story. But what’s far more intriguing is readers’ reactions. As the New Times notes, many “seemed ready to burn a TSA agent at the stake, regardless of what he had done” and then quotes one verbatim: “Good. All TSA agents need to be prosecuted for any and all crimes to the fullest extent of the law. They should be ashamed of what they do. They are poor excuses for human beings.”

Here are a few more “burn-‘em-at-the-stake” comments for your delectation. Enjoy with this caveat: The TSA inspires less than ideal language and imagery…

“Payback’s a bitch. Nobody likes TSA employees. No slack! They steal our dignity, we’ll take any opportunity to get even. Nobody made that jerk take that job. Sucking farts out of bus seats > being a TSA goon.”

“I am currently looking to purchase a new car and I will now reward Rick Case [the pen’s owner] by purchasing a new vehicle from one of his dealerships. I am very proud of Rick Case for stepping up and taking a stand against these TSA criminals. Sack the whole TSA and cut Billions from our deficit.”

“I am GLAD that there has been an arrest, FLL, Terminal 1, SW has, in the last 4 months, separated me from my carry-on belongings 4 times because I was waiting for a pat down. “

“RICK CASE, YOU ROCK. Someone needs to make an example of these J-Os wearing TSA clown suits.  Especially with all the BS they pull.”

“Good. My neighbor is a TSA agent at LAX and often brings home boxes full of confiscated items that he then sells for pennies on the dollar. This is theft, and they deserve to be punished.”

Amen and amen.


7:01 am on December 10, 2011