People Celebrate Tyranny … Especially When it is for the Children

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A month ago I blogged about this tyranny for tots scam. Cops in Sansom Park, TX were pulling over motorists for alleged moving violations and giving them a “ticket for tots” as opposed to a *real* ticket. The swindle has been deemed a “success.” People loved it. They sent in gifts from all over the country, and praised and blessed the police department.

Boxes of toys and money from as far away as New York, Iowa, Tennessee and Maryland started pouring in. Newspaper articles about the program appeared across the country. Soon, the toys began piling up and had to be moved to the fire station next door.

…But the story doesn’t end there. The Sansom Park Police Department started receiving phone calls and e-mails from police departments around the country. The departments were looking for help to set up a “Tickets for Tots” program in their cities.

…From Ohio and North Carolina to Florida and Maryland, police officers from other states were eager to take part in the Christmas spirit.

My experience is that people love this sort of thing. They are clueless as to the oppression of such an action, and besides, if they are told “it’s for the children,” it must be a good thing. All the fake goodwill from the jack-booted police state is meant to wear down our resistance to the presence and power of the police state in our daily lives (as Butler Shaffer blogged here in regards to the military state). When police paint their blackness and tyranny with fuzzy-and-warm, floral propaganda, they have an easy sell in terms of the general public. After all, their target audience is the majority masses of America – people who are firmly planted in front of one form of dumbed-down amusement after another, all day each day. The bored, mindless, overly-amused masses have come to welcome tyranny (oppressing and stealing from some to give to others) as a form of love and charity. With each successive generation that is trained to turn to cheap bread and circuses to blight their brains, we will end up in deeper doo-doo than we did with the generation before them. What a docile bunch. Thanks to Mark from Dallas for the link.

6:05 am on December 19, 2008