Peeling off the “free market economics” label

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If you’re an LRC reader that isn’t usually inclined to visit the site or read economics journals, there is one issue of a Mises Institute journal that still may interest you. If you’ve wondered why LRC makes a point of championing the “Austrian” school of economics over other “free market” schools of thought, like the more mainstream Chicago school, then take a look at the issue of the Journal of Libertarian Studies titled “The Chicago School vs. The Free Market”.

If you want to read just one article, try Murray Rothbard’s “Milton Friedman Unraveled“. At just 16.5 small pages of Rothbard’s lucid prose, this should forever dispel any idea you’ve gotten that the Austrian school and Chicago school are fairly interchangeable “flavours” of free market economics.

2:07 pm on September 8, 2003